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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Mod - the sims 4

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Mod - the sims 4

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This game play mod includes:
  • New party type: Bachelor(ette) Party
  • Can be thrown by male or female sims (but they must be engaged, of course)
  • Custom goals to complete during the party
  • Custom interactions which only appear during the party!
  • New party role: “Private Dancer” which allows you to hire a stripper of your choice for the party!
  • Custom buffs/moodlets associated with having a Bachelor(ette) Party
  • Custom rewards (conversions from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3) for completing bronze, silver or gold parties!
  • Custom whims for engaged Sims to throw a Bachelor(ette) Party

    How to Play
    The Bachelor(ette) Party event works similar to my other custom events/events currently in the game. The event is thrown by using the phone, and works like the Wedding event- i.e. you must be engaged to throw a Bachelor(ette) Party. The event is for male or female Sims, and they can invite any of their friends/family to come; nothing is gender-restricted.

    There's a new party role: “Private Dancer” which will allow you to hire a stripper for the party. The stripper can be anyone in your game (Young Adult or older) regardless of gender or if they know your active Sims or not. By default, the Private Dancer will show up to the event in their “Party” attire; I recommend dressing the Sim you plan to hire beforehand so they don't show up in some weird “townie” outfit ;) When you ask them to perform a private dance, they will strip down to their nude outfit (giving off varying reactions to the nearby Sims ;))- if you have a smaller pixel model, or a nude skin mod, they will show up with smaller pixels, or nude- basically, whatever settings you have for nakedness.

    There's a total of 14 goals that can appear during the party. The goals are randomly generated each game, but most are for the custom interactions added to the event (i.e. “Ask a Guest to Be In Your Wedding Party”, “Ask for Marriage Advice”, “Joke About Wedding Night”, etc.). There's one goal (Take Pictures) which requires Get to Work- if you have that goal, but don't have the Get To Work EP, you should be able to clear the goal also using the friendly base game interaction, “Take A Picture.” If you ever get a goal you can't complete for some reason, you should be able to skip it and move on to the others to work towards your goal. If you don't get gold- try again! There's no limit to the amount of parties your engaged Sims can have :)

    There's custom moodlets and rewards for completing the event. All the rewards are conversions from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. Bronze and Silver rewards are different decorative wedding-related objects, the Gold rewards are the decorative items and wedding arches converted from The Sims 3. All the rewards are locked until you acquire the appropriate medal for the party, however, you can use cheats (bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement) to unlock the rewards for build mode prior to the party.

    Finally, the party can be thrown on several different lots: Clubs, Nightclubs, Lounge, home lots, and the new Karaoke venue which comes with City Living.

    Known Issues:
  • There is a random glitch sometimes where the event will generate a goal I didn't include in the mod.  These goals cannot be cleared, and therefore must be ignored until the party is over.  Usually, they won't prevent you from gaining bronze or silver (if you complete the other goals), but could interfere with you completing gold, depending on when they pop-up.  This seems to be totally random and happens rarely, but if it does, you can try quitting/restarting the game and trying the event again, or just ending the event once you reach bronze, then starting again to "reset" the goals.  This seems to be a glitch with the game itself.
  • Tools: Sims4Studio, Notepad ++, XML File Finder, Photoshop, Blender, TSR Workshop, SimPE
  • Meshes: Eaxis for The Sims 2/The Sims 3 conversions, Anneflower1 for TS3 conversion
  • Additional Thanks: To Rex (Konansock) for play testing, and helping me with my swimming bachelor ;) and thanks to the Cocobuzz for the fireman suit used in the screenshot!

  • How to Install:
    Extract the folder then drop the package files in your Documents > Electronics Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. There are several files (the mod itself, as well as the custom rewards)- it might be best to keep them all together in one “Bachelor Party” folder. 

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